Artesia Soft Water Service

Artesia Soft Water Service 

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It is YOUR home, and you have enough to do without doing appliance service. Even if you didn't buy your equipment from us, we will be happy to service it. If we can't fix it, we will explain why and hopefully tell you who can. Your home time is your time to take care of your life in your way without the worry of making time or having to remember to change your filters and salt or reprogram.

We can always make the TIME.

We can either put you on a regular schedule to keep your equipment at its highest efficiency or you can call us when you need service. When we put you on our regular schedule, we will give you a call or send you a reminder notice when that filter change needs to be done. If you prefer to have it be a DIY project, we have the filters in stock in the store.

Salt can be delivered on a regular basis usually monthly, and we will be happy to put you on a regular route, put your salt in the softener and put the bags in the trash. No mess, no hassle, no service plans — just good service. No more of the hassle of you having to load the salt, unload the salt and put it in the softener.

We bill monthly, and we have several options for payment — again it is all about you the customer!

Restaurants, labs, car washes and other business needs that are desiring soft water in quantity will benefit from our Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems tailored for high volume usage.

If you are a homeowner, reverse osmosis units can be installed under your kitchen cabinet to deliver purified water directly through to your sink. Imagine reaching into your refrigerator's ice-maker and finding crystal clear ice cubes.

Where we can, most of our equipment is American Made!

Not all water equipment is made in the US, and most water dealers like to tell you that it is. Don't be fooled, just ask us what the brand is, who makes it and where!

You have every right to know what you are buying, and educating you is part of our job.

Group of RO Systems

Group of Softeners

Water conditioners to fit any usage or environment.

Almost no water is beyond repair.

Drop in for a visit with a water sample or make an appointment for an in-home analysis.

We will help you reach your goals by matching the most efficient solution to your needs.